DecideDiet makes following your kidney-friendly diet easy!

A new approach to healthier food choices anywhere you go

DecideDiet makes following your kidney-friendly diet easy!

A new approach to healthier food choices anywhere you go


You Decide

Our goal is to simplify the complex task associated with daily food selection for people with chronic kidney disease using behavior modification and human habit. The application helps you make a better food decision using recommendations for your kidney and heart conditions, just by scanning a bar code on the package! It's that easy!
Receive an instant response whether you are in a supermarket, at a restaurant, or preparing your meal at home. Forget multiple lists and pamphlets that are difficult to use and keep it simple with DecideDiet.

How it works


Scan bar code on the package using DecideDiet


Find out if it's appropriate for your kidney condition


Enjoy your meal and care about your kidneys!

No more assumptions or time-consuming label reading. No need to carry food lists with you. No more old-fashioned way of counting numbers and grams. No memorizing products, DecideDiet is your personal food assistant. No need to worry about food choices anymore, let DecideDiet help you decide.

About us

DecideDiet, Inc.

We believe by shifting the culture of diet education from a number-centered system to a behavior modification system, patients become more compliant with their disease specific diet restrictions. DecideDiet utilizes evidence based medical knowledge to develop a simple tool for dietary choices.

Dietary improvements help patients live happier and healthier lives, preventing disease progression.

Our current medical system relies on providing a pamphlet to address dietary restrictions and is still largely practiced by the medical community.

We understand the difficulty in applying complex instructions to routine daily life. Often times it requires memorizing a lot of food items, along with multiple medications, adding to the multiple stressors patients have to endure living with chronic illness.

We developed a new revolutionary application for your smartphone that will allow you to improve your diet control based on your pre-existing kidney condition.


Media about us

UConn Health Researcher Designs App to Help Heart, Kidney Disease Patients Manage Diet


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